Are Eggs Good For A Diet? – A Scramble Of A Question

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April 24, 2019

Eggs are an essential part of a diet and probably one of the most common in all parts of the world. This has its reasons because basically an egg is a carrier of nutrients for a growing embryo and hence is a powerhouse of all the good nutrients that a body needs right from the top. This said we must also understand that too much of a good thing can also be a bad thing and hence this article is all about the question, ‘Are eggs good for a diet?’ the answer cannot be simple for such a simple question and hence we will try to delve into the different sectors of this question.

The good things

Beyond any shred of doubt an egg is one of the most nutrient food products available to us because it is literally a container of essential nutrients for the embryo to feed on while it grows. Here you can get all of the following:


This is the most delicious as well as the most nourishing part of the egg which is the yellow part. Here you can get all the essential proteins and amino acids along with the essential vitamins and salt fats that can mean the difference between having and eradicating many preventive elements for different diseases and conditions. Eggs contain more than 12 vitamins including A, D, E and B-12.


This is the transparent gel-like liquid that surrounds the yolk. There are many people who prefer having only this and leave the yolk out when they have their eggs because this part of the egg has nothing the body does not want. There are many essential enzymes here that will have you breakdown many of the food products through your metabolism thus facilitating better condition of living on the inside of your body.

The bad

The bad about the eggs come out only when you have too much of it. The thing is that when you ingest too much of eggs then you are risking protein overload and that leads to upset stomachs and other symptoms. Also there is a considerable amount of fatty acids involved which you should actively regulate at all times.

What is it good for and how it should be taken

There is a considerable amount of riboflavin and phosphorus in the yolk and albumin along with other essential metals such as zinc and iron in the mix. That is why for a working metabolism that does not involve deficiency diseases you should consider a generous helping of eggs whether scrambled or whole every day.

Comprehensive food charts

Just because they are usually had with other food products that are rich in fat such as red meat and bacon they are considered as a class of high0fat food but only 1.5g of the 5g fat in the egg is saturated, to know more of these things or to know how to have the egg every day you should consider taking a look at many comprehensive dieting websites available easily enough on the internet to know more.

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