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Rugby Stack

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If you are a professional Rugby player, an avid Rugby player, or just a guy who wants to maximise your strength, power, speed and endurance, then there are key supplements you should consider taking.

Protein - Muscle is made of protein and when you are breaking your muscle tissue down on the pitch and trying to recover properly between sessions, you need about 2 grams of protein per kilo of your body weight. You get bigger, stronger, faster during recovery and if recovery is incomplete, you won't see the benefits of your hard work!

Creatine - With muscle growth and increased power performance, Creatine is ideal for Rugby players, who need to the ability to sprint repeatedly.

ZMA - If you struggle with sleep, ZMA will help with this, and aid in recovery and muscle growth.

BCAA's - Taking Amino Acids will support endurance and general health. 

Multivitamins - Rugby can take it out of you, and your body needs to repair and replenish, so a good multi will build your body back giving you the nutrients you need.

This useful Rugby Stack contains the key supplements, and more, to help you in training, on the pitch, and after! The bundle incldues:

PhD Recovery 2:1 1.2kg

BSN Creatine DNA 216g

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men 90 caps

Kinetica Sports Zinc Mag+ 90 Tabs

CNP Pro Hydrate 500g

Scivation Xtend 500ml

BSN 1/2 Gallon Bottle



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Q Can you please tell me when each of the supplements should be taken? Thanks.

Instructions for use of each product are available on the product page for each one. If you need further clarification, let us know.

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