Green Smoothies And Overall Health Benefit

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April 25, 2019

Victoria Boutenko’s green smoothies are all the rage now. And why not? The health benefits of green smoothies are too many to be counted! Green smoothies aid your bodily functions and provide an amazing amount of nutrients to us. Who would think that just one little glass of this drink could do so much for our body?

Honestly, I sometimes wonder why people are addicted to Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. This drink tastes so great it beats them all and let us not even get into a comparison of the nutritional benefits of green smoothies over any of these soda-based drinks.

Green Smoothies – A Wonder Food

One of the greatest benefits of green smoothies is that they are really easy on our digestive system. The green leaves, which are incorporated in these smoothies are packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber and Cholorophyll.

These are immensely beneficial for man. But the fact is, we cannot digest these leaves easily. Easting them in their whole form would involve a whole lot of chewing and who is patient enough to chew their vegetables over a long period of time?

Moreover, since our haws aren’t strong enough, we cannot rupture the cells which contain the nutrients. Also, the acid levels in our stomachs aren’t high enough to completely digest these greens.

So we don’t get the benefit of the total amount of nutrients present in the leaves. Blending these vegetables effectively eliminates this problem as the cells are ruptured as a result of which all the nutrients contained within are released.

Secondly, these greens are rich in fiber, which as we all know aids the functioning of the digestive system. They also dictate colon ecology and effectively eliminate waste. Since they are rich in chlorophyll they have numerous health benefits due to this complex. Cholorophyll helps to purify human blood, get rid of bad breath and body odor and even cures anemia.

Antioxidants and phytochemicals present in the vegetables leave you feeling rich and energized throughout the day. Moreover, green smoothies do something else that is wonderful. They bring down the acidic pH of the human body into the alkaline range.

Did you know that cancer and most other diseases flourish in the acid pH range? It really is true, we know that prevention is better than cure. Green smoothies, when taken regularly, effectively prevent these killer diseases from setting up shop in our bodies.

That’s right, make sure you spread awareness about green smoothies and get your daily dose of them too. The numerous health benefits of green smoothies are simply too hard to resist!!!

Cleanse Your Body Naturally With The Green Smoothie Cleanse Program

Green Smoothie Cleanse Program

The Green Smoothie cleanse program is a great way to cleanse your body effectively. We all know that the metabolic break-down of the food we consume may lead to the formation of harmful, toxic products. These products accumulate in our body and cause diseases, sickness and even affect the effective functioning of our immune system. Therefore it is essential that these toxins should be removed from our bodies.

How do Green Smoothies Help?

In order to remove these harmful toxins, we require enzymes like cytochrome oxidase, glutathione s-transferases, UDP- glucuronosyltransferases. Our bodies produce these enzymes, but sometimes, the amounts of these enzymes produced in our bodies are just not sufficient to combat these toxins. This is where the green smoothie comes in. We know that green smoothies are a storehouse of enzymes and nutrients. Reinforced with these enzymes and nutrients, our body then begins to manufacture larger quantities of these required enzymes and the process of detoxification is greatly accelerated.

The 3-Day green Smoothie Cleanse Program

The three day green smoothie cleanse program is an extremely balanced and extremely gentle program which is designed to cleanse your body and remove all its toxins. What is more, for those who have just begun the detoxification process, this is absolutely the best way to relieve your body of its toxins. The reason? You’ll never stay hungy and it works better than most detox diets.

I’m sure, by now you are curious and want to know what exactly participants have to do when they go in for the green Smoothie Cleanse Program. Well, this is a simple three day cleanse program, where all you have to do is drink the delicious green smoothies! Sounds simple? I have been told many times that it’s a cakewalk!

For the duration of the Green Smoothie Challenge, the participants have to restrict their diet to only green smoothies. This means that you have a green smoothie for breakfast, one for lunch and again for dinner. If you get hungry between meal-tomes, you go get yourself another green smoothie! We all know how heavy these smoothies are so following this diet for three days should not be a problem at all.

If you get bored of smoothies, then you can make yourself a soup using pureed vegetables. Or you can supplement your diet with wonderful herbal cleansing teas, coconut water or even lime juice.

However, those of you who are diabetics, pregnant, more than 10 pounds underweight or severely hypoglycemic should stay away from this cleanse program, it might make your condition worse. But for the others, a thumbs up and good luck to you!

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