Running To Lose Weight – The Beginning

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May 9, 2019

Running to lose weight is one of the best ways to shed those extra pounds you have been carting around all this time. By running you burn more calories in much less time than with most other exercise programs.

Running, especially endurance running has a long history. Man has been running since he was able to stand and walk. Early man needed to run to survive both for safety and the pursuit of dinner. Horseless warrior tribes perfected endurance running. There are many historical stories of soldier tribes like Zulus, Ninjas and Greeks that, by pacing themselves, were able to run for days while snacking on grains, dried foodstuffs and water on the run, all of which they carried with them.

Exercising regularly, especially running, lowers your risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. In addition, as you run and exercise your brain produces chemicals called endorphins, which help boost your confidence and keep you happy. A happier you is a healthier you. Two more of the advantages of running are that, aside from good quality running shoes, there is no need to invest in expensive equipment and clothing, plus it’s easy to do.

Running To Lose Weight – Diet

As you begin your running regimen you need to keep in mind that nutrition is vitally important.

In a runners diet carbohydrates should make up approximately 60% of total caloric intake. It is an established fact that carbohydrates are the proper choice for a source of energy. The engines of our bodies burn carbs more efficiently than they do proteins or fats. Rice, fruits, whole grain products and starchy vegetables are excellent sources for carbohydrates to fuel that engine.

Another very important element of the runners diet is protein. Protein is used to repair damaged muscle tissue from exercising. Protein should make up approximately 20% of your daily diet. Protein will also keep you feeling full for a longer period. You should concentrate on foods that are low in cholesterol and fat. Some examples would be fish, chicken; other lean cuts of meat and whole grains and beans.

If you wish to be a runner, forget the idea of three full meals a day. Clean out your refrigerator of junk food and processed and fill it with more of the natural foods that provide steady energy, Shift your eating habits to 5 or 6 smaller meals a day. This keeps your energy level higher all day and it also aids in helping to lose that extra flab.

Running To Lose Weight And Hydration

To help maintain hydration while you are running, you should try to drink two 8oz glasses of non-caffeinated fluid a little more than an hour before you start your running exercise. This will give you enough time to for your body to void excess fluids. This creates less of a chance to need those pit stops.

A good guideline on fluid consumption while running is to take in somewhere between 4 and 6ozs for a twenty minute run. Continue to add on the formula as your runs increase.

Don’t forget to re-hydrate with water or a sports drink after your run.

When And Where Can I Run?

You can run any time that you please. With running you are not confined to how long the gym stays open. Do you wish to begin running to lose weight during the early mornings to start your day?
Then do it!

Does your schedule only allow you to run during your lunch break? No problem!
Would you prefer to run at night where the breeze is cool and the road is all yours? It’s completely possible!

If you live on a farm this is probably not a serious question. For us city dwellers, many people simply run in their neighborhoods. They are familiar and comfortable with the area.

Today, with the increased awareness of health, most cities and towns have exercise trials. These may follow streams and pass through woods. These types of trails are refreshing and relaxing to run through. You find yourself unconsciously slipping in to natural rhythm that helps eliminate stress.

If a running trail is not available, many local schools have running tracks that are available to the public when there are no classes or school events scheduled.

Community Centers generally have a very low or no fee for residents and have gyms and exercise centers with treadmills for running and walking.

Running To Lose Weight Conclusions

Running, jogging and walking are forms of exercise that are extremely beneficial to the body and can be performed indoors as well as the great outdoors. The benefits of exercising in fresh air are indisputable.

Some people enjoy listening to music or an audio book while they are running. Time passes quickly when the mind is distracted. No matter how distracted you may become, remember your hydration vs. time rules, your cool down and re-hydration rules.

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