Should I Go for Multivitamin Liquids?

by admin
April 24, 2019

The question which often lingers on our minds is should we take multivitamin liquids? Why should I drink multivitamin liquids? What are the benefits of multivitamin liquids? What will be the side effects of multivitamin liquids? Put your mind at ease because all your questions are answered.

The Requirement

In our hectic daily lives we often do not get our daily bodily requirements of vitamins. The vitamins are essential for us to remain healthy. If our body is deficient in vitamins our immunity to diseases decreases and it may also lead to many other illnesses like, xerophthalmia, beriberi, megaloblastic anemia, scurvy and rickets. So it is evident that we need multivitamins.

The Benefits

If we take multivitamin pills research has shown that our body only retains 10 to 20% of the vitamins. The rest of the vitamins are not absorbed into the body. On the other hand up to 98% of the liquid multivitamins are absorbed into the body. This happens because the multivitamins in the liquid form are directly absorbed into the body and reaches the cells without being digested.

Vitamin pills or capsules contain the vitamins in solid form which need water or fat to dissolve in. Moreover the capsules have the ingredients powdered and placed into vegetable capsules or pork based gelatin with additives like talc. All these extra elements in the pills make them a lot harder to digest than the liquid multivitamins. Vitamins in tablet forms have a lower bioavailability and hence have a lot lesser therapeutic benefits.

The Side Effects

There are very few side effects of these multivitamin liquids. Care should be taken that there are no overdoses of multivitamin liquids. You should consult a doctor before you start taking these pills. You should exercise caution before taking multivitamin liquids, especially if you have any medical conditions existing.

Pregnant women should be cautious as an excess or deficiency in vitamin A may lead to birth defects. It has also been suggested that long term use of vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin E may shorten life instead of extending it. This risk is greater for smokers.

Too much of a good thing is bad and multivitamin liquids are no exceptions. All in all you should take multivitamin liquids but you should not over do it.

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